Gearing Up For Greenness!

A Guest Post: Written by: Jane Ridgewood

Today, I am pleased to introduce Jane Ridgewood.  You can find Jane at:

Jane loves writing. She writes poetry, reviews, short stories, columns/articles and so forth. She hopes to become a published author one day. Jane and I met in the Blog Frog Community! Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and relax, and read about “Gearing Up For Greenness”!

Gearing Up For Greenness!

What does it mean to go green? As someone who has suffered some health issues in the past and is presently at risk for some more, I really find myself reevaluating my current lifestyle. I open my eyes and see it’s time to make changes. Never in my life before now had I thought I would ever consider going green even in the slightest bit. I mean I was never really opposed to more natural products or healthier food options, but there’s so much more to the green lifestyle than I ever really realized. Changes I find, that could be made to potentially allow myself the healthier life I desire.

I’m not sure I could be considered a newbie quite yet, as I really haven’t even begun to break through the surface. Perhaps I’m considered just scratching at it at this point, as I am presently doing more research than anything on it all at the moment. I’ve been learning so much, including that even the sort of dishes one uses can make a difference. I also recently discovered that there is such thing as organic makeup on the market! How blind could I have been not to notice such a thing? Definitely putting that on my “to try” list, just as soon as I can figure out what brands I need to be looking for in the stores!

Now really in hind sight it’s quite overwhelming for someone in my position. I feel so out of the loop half the time I stumble over a discussion on green living. Many people out there definitely seem to be in the know about this sort of lifestyle. I just got to keep reminding myself to never be afraid to ask a question – no matter how silly it may seem to a professional greener.

As you read this, you might be asking yourself why I suddenly care about the green lifestyle. I’m 27 years old and I’m temping to jump on the bandwagon to green up. Perhaps this comes with age, or perhaps it comes from finding my way out of a long battle with depression. Here I am, finding myself caring more about me and I find that it’s important to care more about my environment as well. Not just where I live, but how I live. Making more knowledgeable choices in regards to my health all around. That’s not to even mention, I have a nasty long list in my family’s medical history that I would quite frankly like to avoid.

Plus overall, I find myself wanting to create a healthier environment in my home. Not just for myself, but for my family and friends as well. I won’t sit here and pretend I’m going to end up some professional at living the green lifestyle. I can’t even pretend it’s going just suddenly happen overnight. It’s going to take time to adjust to certain things. Realistically I know that there is still quite a lot I have to learn, but truthfully I am completely on board for greening it up! So I will definitely continue my homework and begin the transformation as I experiment with different products, tips and tricks for a greener happier life.

–XOXO, Jane Ridgewood

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