How To Make Your Own Homeschool Curriculum

Written by: The Green Crunchy Mother

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Have you ever tried to homeschool your child? If so, you probably know that it can feel very overwhelming. So what can you do? Many people have found that adapting a curriculum that meets their own child’s needs works best. There are a few things you should know before implementing a homeschooling curriculum to ensure your child’s success.

This post will tell you what you need to know to make sure you create a meaningful homeschool curriculum.

Why would you purchase a program that tries to reproduce the institutional experience in your living room? In my opinion, the beauty of home education is its tutorial method, and the capability to  adapt  a program to the unique educational needs of every child. That is not as scary as it sounds! Creating your very own program is feasible for any committed parent, and it does not require you to have a degree in education or know how to teach each subject. You only need to know your child, conduct your own research, and not be afraid to try new things and ask for help from other homeschooling parents.

Setting Up the Framework

The initial step is contemplating which subjects you plan to teach: English, mathematics, foreign language, geography, history, literature, science, music, art, or other electives might form the backbone of your curriculum. There’s no need to do everything at once! The other beauty of homeschooling is its flexibility.

Considering that I live in Ontario, Canada, I follow (as a general rule) the provincial curriculum.

Did you know that each college and university has its own priorities with regards to what it looks for in applicants? Considering this,  be sure to check a wide range of schools your child is intrigued in to get a feeling of what he or she should focus on. Considering that I live in Ontario, Canada, I have already started looking at the requirements to apply for university in our region when coming from a homeschooled environment. You can empower yourself with knowledge from the very beginning of your journey.

Where Do I Begin?

Having a difficult time knowing where to begin?  Did you know that choosing to homeschool your child simply implies that you have taken liability for the process of his or her education and the curricular and class choices? Your first step would be to inform yourself properly and complete the required paperwork with your school board before beginning your homeschooling journey. This will avoid many legal issues. In Ontario, Canada, I had to fill out a form requesting to homeschool and submit it to our school principal and school board.

How Do I Create a Curriculum?

There are various options in each subject and at each level. This is where some research will come in handy. I often “Google” the following: homeschool curriculums, and provincial curriculums. Considering that I am living in Ontario, Canada, an example of what I will “Google” is: Grade 3 Ontario History.  You can also search through different social media resources. I follow many homeschooling parents and educational resources on social media. Also, review what other parents or educators have to say about the various resources so you get a feeling of what to expect before making a decision. Research web-based classes! Consider the choices offered by services like Khan Academy , and IXL.  Be creative and think outside of the box! There are likely to be homeschool co-ops in your area, and individuals offering classes in a wide range of topics. If not, create your own homeschool groups. The sky is the limit when homeschooling your child.

Are you homeschooling your child? What is the best advice that you would want to give to a parent who is considering homeschooling?

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