Five Toxic Household Items You Should Throw Away Today

Written By: The Green Crunchy Mother

Over the years, my family has become more conscious about what goes in our bodies food wise and what is around us in our everyday surroundings.

Did you know that being exposed to toxic chemicals in items like plastic containers, certain scents, and cosmetics have all shown evidence in playing a role in the increase in number and severity of autoimmune diseases in adults and children? Sounds scary, right?

There are actions you can start today to decrease your chances of developing diseases or illnesses. This article will tell you what five household items you should throw away today.

Plastic Food Containers

aroma, aromatic, assortment

Did you know that over time, plastic breaks down and releases a toxic chemical into food known as BPA. What is BPA anyway? It is a toxin that is known to affect the endocrine system. The endocrine system is responsible for growth hormones, metabolism, and other significant functions in our bodies. An easy way to avoid this is to switch to glass containers and BPA free containers.


Person Pouring Plastic Tube Bottle

You should stop wearing sunscreen that contains oxybenzone. Oxybenzone is an ingredient often found in sunscreen because it absorbs harmful UVA and UVB rays.  Research that has been conducted on the safety of oxybenzone suggests that it may cause health problems when used on the skin.  Zinc oxide and titanium oxide are safer alternatives. Search for these ingredients instead when purchasing sunscreen.


Woman Wearing Blue Strapless Dress Holding White and Gray Plastic Bottle

We all know that sweat stinks, and no one wants that.  Antiperspirant was created to stop underarm sweat and it contains aluminum-based compounds which help stop the sweat. Study after study has demonstrated aluminum is absorbed into the body through the underarms. This has been linked to certain cancers. There are many aluminum-free antiperspirants on the market that do not contain dangerous toxins that can be hazardous to your health. Why not make your own natural deodorant?

Nonstick Cookware

Vegetable Food Cooked on Frying Pan

Nonstick cookware makes cooking and cleaning up simple. Did you know that nonstick pans contain trace elements of an acid known as PFOA? PFOA has been linked to cancer and birth defects. It is also known to stay in the bloodstream. Make the switch today to cast iron cookware.


Clear Glass Perfume Bottle

Did you know that wearing perfumes can be hazardous to your health?  Many perfumes contain at least 200 toxic ingredients, including formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is the same chemical used to preserve the deceased. Perfumes made from natural or essential oils are a natural alternative to toxin-free perfumes.

Now that you have some excellent strategies for reducing the toxins in your daily life, you’re ready to start cleaning out those cupboards. Get started today!

What toxins have you already removed from your daily life?

2 thoughts on “Five Toxic Household Items You Should Throw Away Today

  1. Non stick is horrible! I only use it in my waffle iron (no other choice as far as I know) and my Ninja multi cooker. Everything else is cast iron or stainless steel. Sunscreen had me concerned for a while. I don’t use it myself but one of my kids uses it. She burns very badly if she doesn’t. Now I know what to look out for in our sunscreen 🙂


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