Yes, We Really Are Dairy Free

Written By: The Green Crunchy Mother

Close-up of Milk Against Blue Background

People look at me with disbelief sometimes when I tell them we longer consume dairy in our household. “Really? You don’t drink milk”?  No, we do not, I answer them. This was a decision that was made with much thoughtful research. After reading many useful articles and books, I found out why consuming dairy is not such a good thing.

  • First of all, hormones can be found in milk. If you live in the USA, the bovine hormone can be found in your dairy. Bovine hormone is a genetically engineered hormone manufactured by Monsanto. The bovine hormone is also referred to as rBST. This is a bioengineered hormone that is injected into a cow every week to increase milk flow. This is not a natural hormone. This can cause several problems with the milk. For example, it can raise levels of pus, raise antibiotic residue, and raise a cancer accelerating hormone called IGF-1.
  • In my opinion, society consumes too much dairy. This includes milk, cheese, and cottage cheese. Did you know that human’s do not require the nutrition that comes from a cow? There are many plant-based sources for nutrients such as calcium that are healthier and lower in fat.
  • Dairy products contain very high amounts of fat. For example,  if you were to take cow’s milk directly from the udder, it would contain about 55% fat.
  • Dairy products such as cheese can contain up to 77% fat content. Butter is nearly 100% fat. Considering how unhealthy these high levels of fat content are for human consumption, one can conclude how a dairy free lifestyle is a healthier choice. It is unfortunate that dairy products are labelled in a misleading way, as most people do not know that these products contain such high amounts of fat and saturated fat.
  • Dairy items contain unhealthy cholesterol. Cholesterol that comes from a cow was not intended for humans, it was intended for their own offspring. For example: human cholesterol is different from the cholesterol in dairy products. Scientific studies have shown that those who consume a dairy-rich diet are more prone to cardiovascular disease. Also, problems with gallstones can become an issue. Cholesterol free products such as vegetables, fruits, and legumes are a much healthier way of getting the nutrients needed without ingesting this harmful substance. The absence of dairy  in your diet can  lead to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Dairy products lack sufficient amounts of things such as iron. Iron is necessary for correct body function.
  • Nutrients that can be found in processed milk, namely Vitamin A and Vitamin D, are not naturally found in dairy products. They are added in later for higher nutritional value of the product. In some states, these vitamins are added as a requirement of the law.

This information was enough to cut out the dairy in our home. Also, since we have cut out the dairy, I have observed a significant decrease in colds and ear infections in our children. Just a coincidence? Probably not.  

Disclaimer: This article  should not be used as medical advice. Always speak with your doctor before eliminating dairy out of your diet.

Are you dairy free?

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