The Benefits Of Using Glass Baby Bottles: Plastic Vs. Glass

Written By: The Green Crunchy Mother

Baby's Feeding Bottle on Hand

Did you know that glass baby baby bottles are becoming popular with parents once again? These bottles were very popular for many years until the plastic bottle became available in the early 1990’s . I have always used the glass bottles to supplement breastfeeding with all my children. It just seemed like the right, natural choice. I wanted to eliminate all exposure from the dangers of BPA.

Did you know there are simple things you can do right now to green your baby? If you have chosen to bottle feed your baby, or supplement breastfeeding with formula,  you may want to consider using glass baby bottles.  By using this, you are significantly  decreasing your baby’s exposure to BPA.

What exactly is BPA?

-BPA stands for BisPhenol A.

– BPA  is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. It is considered a toxin, and can leech into food or liquids being stored or heated in it.

Why is BPA  harmful?

– Breast cancers becomes a significant  risk in women who carry  high levels of xenoestrogens.

– Both males and females are subject to a huge range of other harmful health effects.

– In women, birth defects and miscarriages can occur.

– Another significant health effect is a disruption of beta cell function in the pancreas. This can create a pre-diabetes type condition of high blood insulin and insulin resistance.

– A baby’s body is not well equipped to handle the BPA found in a plastic baby bottle.

Where can BPA be found?

– BPA can be found in polycarbonate plastics:  food containers, water bottles, plastic baby bottles and sippy cups. It can  also be found in toys.

– BPA can also be found in Epoxy resins:  food cans, baby formula cans, bottle tops, water supply lines, dental sealants and composites, and cash register receipts.

What are the benefits of using a glass baby bottle?

– Glass is environmentally friendly and it can be recycled.

– Glass baby bottles are simple  to clean and they are dish washer safe.

– Glass retains heat very well.

– Glass can be kept warmer for a longer period of time than plastic.

– Glass can be placed under very hot water. I appreciated this a  lot when I had to reheat formula quickly. I would let the hot water run directly on the bottle.   If you are choosing the glass bottle to feed your baby, it must used under supervision. Considering it is glass, it may shatter if dropped. I must admit, over the years, I have broken a few. Also, a glass bottle is more expensive than a plastic bottle. In my opinion, the cost is well worth paying for.  There are so many benefits in using a glass baby bottle, isn’t your baby worth it?

– Glass is easier to sterilize.

Do you use glass baby bottles?

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