A Guest Post Written By: Just One Mommy

Today, I am pleased to introduce OneMommy. She blogs about life as a Stay At Home Mom, crafts, and so much more.  I met OneMommy in the Blog Frog Community and I am a big fan of hers! Thank you OneMommy for guest posting today.


Sitting on a cold tile floor in a bathroom stall of some store’s bathroom, nursing my little girl, it occurred to me how wrong it all was.

What was I doing here?

Why was I sitting on this dirty floor, hiding in a bathroom stall like I was doing something wrong?

What could be more natural than a mother feeding her baby?

That was the first and last time I put my baby and myself through that.

breastfeeding in public

Would you eat here???

The next time I took my little Peanut out, I was more confident. I knew that what I was doing was nothing to hide. After all, when nursing correctly nothing is seen except the back of the baby’s head.

I was armed with all the reasons we shouldn’t have to hide. In fact, I already knew what I’d say if someone told me I had to nurse elsewhere.

Want to know what I would have said?

If asked to find another spot to nurse while out shopping:

* Nursing a baby shows a lot less than those girls/women who come in wearing itty-bitty thongs and low-rise jeans and then proceed to squat down, bend forward to look at something, and give everyone around them a view we all don’t need…

* I know for a fact that by nursing my baby I am showing way less than a lot of other women who have come in here in slinky little tops.

If asked to find another spot to nurse while eating at a restaurant:

* My baby deserves to eat just as much as anyone else, probably more so. No one else takes their food and eats in the bathroom or leaves the table to go eat in the car. Why should my baby have to?

* Do you dictate what your other customers should eat or HOW they should eat? Why is my baby any different?

Like I said, I was fortunate enough not to have to justify my baby’s right to eat in public. But I know not everyone is as lucky.

Have you encountered rude comments/looks when nursing in public? How did you respond?


There’s Just One MommyOneMommy blogs at There’s Just One Mommy, where you can read about her adventures as a SAHM of a 3 and 4 year-old and find fun and easy craft ideas for little ones. You can also find her on Twitter, Facebook, and in her Blog Frog community


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