How to Make Home Made Fabric Softener

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Written By: The Green Crunchy Mother

As a family of five, a lot of laundry can easily pile up. Between bed sheets, towels, and clothes, and so much more, I never seem to catch up! The washing machine is frequently functioning at full capacity and this can mean using up a lot a fabric softener. Who does not love fresh smelling laundry?

As much as I love fresh smelling laundry, I don’t want the dangerous toxins harming my family or myself that can be found in the conventional softeners. Conventional fabric softeners can contain many chemicals that I can’t even pronounce. The natural fabric softeners can be expensive, and more difficult to find.

When I ran out of “commercial store bought” fabric softener years ago, I started making and using my own homemade formula. After doing some research and experimenting with different scents and products, I finally found a simple recipe that I love. And it really works!

When I make my own, it saves me money and I am avoiding the dangerous chemicals that can be found in store-bought commercial products.

Ingredients For My Home Made Fabric Softener

– Six cups of water.

– Three cups of white vinegar.

– 2 Cups of hair conditioner.  I use the hair conditioner that I purchase at the health food store. I purchase my conditioner in bulk quantities and use my own recycled containers. This also cuts down on costs.


First, pour the water, vinegar, and the hair conditioner into the container. I store mine in a recycled fabric softener container. You can also store it in any type of recyclable container. I purchase many of my storage containers at the dollar store.

It is important that you do not shake the ingredients. Doing this will cause the product to foam. I use the same amount that I normally would when using commercial brands. Instead of using it as a fabric softener, I can also use it as a fabric softener sheet. To do this, I simply spray the desired amount on a face cloth and add it to the dryer.

I hope that you enjoy this simple homemade recipe as much as I do!

Do you make your own homemade fabric softener?

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