Why I Gave Up My Coffee Addiction

Written By: The Green Crunchy Mother

Coffee Served on White Ceramic Cup

Update: This article was written by me several years ago. For those of you that are wondering, yes, I did return to the world of drinking coffee!

It has been a bit over a week now that I have given up coffee (again). Other than the with drawl headaches that I have been experiencing, I am generally feeling much better. I realize that I have another rough few weeks ahead but I know with determination I will conquer this addiction head on. This is not my first attempt at quitting this nasty habit of mine. I have tried (and yes….I failed miserably..) many times in the past. This time around I am feeling hopeful.

I love (almost) everything about coffee. The taste and the smell of it are enough to have me running to the closest coffee machine.  I am easily lured into any store that serves it.

My passionate relationship with caffeine started in my first semester of university. With coffee shops sitting on every corner within walking distance it was difficult not to drink it. Heck, everyone else was! It was the “fashionable” thing to be doing at the time. I soon became a “regular” customer and spent much of my tiny student budget on designer coffee.  These shops were a great place to either study or meet up with friends. I can still remember the taste and the textures. There was something magical about sitting in a shop smack in the middle of downtown Montreal.

 Caffeine was a useful tool considering I had to spend many sleepless nights studying for exams and writing papers. I carried my beloved travel mugs everywhere I went. It was my security blanket at the time.

When I entered motherhood it was a staple in my daily diet. After a sleepless night coffee was my savior.

Sadly for me, caffeine also has its downfalls. I discovered very early on that excessive amounts were causing me a great deal of anxiety. This anxiety quickly led to panic attacks and general nervousness. I also observed that it was making my insomnia much worse than it already was. Did that stop this love affair? No.

Recently I decided that I could no longer tolerate the symptoms that came along with my anxiety. The heart palpitations, sleepless nights and the dizziness were becoming too much to tolerate. It was time to say goodbye for once and for all.

How have I been doing? I have to admit it has been somewhat rough. It seems like everyone around me is drinking the stuff so it makes it that much more difficult. The temptations are all around me.

Did I cheat this week? I shamefully have to admit that I yes I did. To make matters worse, I got caught in the act. I felt like an addict hiding and sneaking around with a dirty secret.

Was it worth it? I have to confess that it was not. I was quickly confronted with the uncomfortable feelings and symptoms that caffeine brings on.

Do I see a relapse sometime in the future? The answer to this is probably yes. In the meantime I will keep on enjoying my specialty herbal teas. Stay tuned as my journey going caffeine free continues.

Do you drink coffee?

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