What Does Crunchy Living Mean?

Written by: The Green Crunchy Mother
Woman Standing on Cliff

If you have landed on my blog, perhaps you are a crunchy person or curious about how to become one. People often ask me what does it mean to be crunchy? Is this actually a “thing”? Crunchy people can also be referred to as “hippie”, “granola”, and “green”. This article will tell you, in my opinion, what it means to be “crunchy”.

When did I actually become crunchy? I don’t have any vivid recollections when that exact moment happened, but I do recall when my eldest son (now 16) had frequent ear infections at a very young age. This opened up a whole new world of seeking out healthier alternatives for my family. I would spend countless hours reading books, discussing with others, and searching the Internet. I also wanted to research all the options and then make the best decision on how to take care of my son and his ear infections. I did not want to follow the crowd.

What Crunchy Living Means To Me

You can be considered crunchy if you believe in:

  • Natural and home-births,
  • placenta encapsulating,
  •  breastfeeding,
  • babywearing,
  • baby-led weaning,
  • cloth diapering,
  • co-sleeping,
  • bed sharing,
  • non or selective, delayed vaccinating,
  • anti-circumcision,
  • attachment parenting techniques,
  • homeschooling or un-schooling,
  • natural medicine,
  • natural living,
  • organic eating
  • recycles
  • avoids using plastic
  • composts
  • follows a vegan/vegetarian diet.

I am sure I have left some out, but I am certain you understand the general idea of what being crunchy means.

What Crunchy Living Does Not Mean To Me

  • Being stinky and not practicing good hygiene.
  • Shaming and ridiculing those that don’t join me in my crunchy living movement.
  • Mindless shopping and not reading the labels on the products that I purchase.
  • If someone does something different than myself, it does not mean that they are wrong and I am right. I believe in respecting others, even if this means they do not practice what I do.
  • Being crunchy is not an “all or nothing lifestyle”. There is flexibility, and yes, I do eat meat on occasion.

I hope this article has provided you with insight on what being crunchy means. In my opinion, being crunchy simply means seeking out the healthiest options for you and your loved ones.

Do you consider yourself crunchy?

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