Help Others by Living – and Working – a Minimalist Life

The Green Crunchy Mother

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Did you know that one of the biggest roadblocks to face when it comes to minimalism and getting rid of possessions is money? Not that it costs money to simplify, but the thought of all the money you’ve spent on “stuff.”

It can be a big eye-opening experience and may even cause people to hang onto things they don’t really need because they feel like they can’t “throw all that money away.”  To put it bluntly, the money has already been spent so it’s gone and it’s a little late to start thinking about that now. You’ve already “thrown” it away!

However, making the decision to move into minimalist living can be a win-win situation. As you begin to clear the clutter in your life (and don’t forget to make a plan to not purchase more “things” unless absolutely necessary) you’ll also reduce debt, which is always a good thing. Think of the financial freedom your family and staff can enjoy knowing that you’re reducing debt by cutting back your expenditures.

As you start saying NO to things you don’t want to do or things that don’t feed your passions in life, you’ll find time to do the things that are more meaningful and important to you, like spending time with family or volunteering. Your family can learn what it’s like to have you present in the moment instead of plugged in to your phone and the recipients of your volunteerism will benefit from any time you can give them.

Now think about the impact your physical donations will have on other people. We’re talking about those in your local community who are less fortunate and could greatly benefit from the things you’re clearing from your life.   

Think about how a bag of clothes or a box of books could be a blessing to someone else. As you begin to de-clutter and let go of all those material possessions that no longer serve you and your new lifestyle, make donations to a local women’s shelter, homeless shelter, or a foundation that helps those in need. You could even check with a local church and find out if there’s a family in need and ask about making a donation to them or dropping things off at the church for that family.

If you find yourself struggling with getting rid of things and wanting to hang onto everything, just remember to start small. You don’t have to get rid of every single possession you own. Instead, decide what you can and can’t live without.For example, if you’re going through a closet and find a box of clothes from a few years ago, it’s time to get rid of them since you obviously haven’t needed them during this time period. Think about this also when it comes to decluttering your office. Do you have an extra computer, printer, or other resources you can donate? Ask around town if there’s a senior center or job training organization that can use electronic donations.

Even if your business is 100% online, you can certainly declutter your hard drive and donate old versions of training programs to a young mom who’s starting her first business. Do you have hard cover business books filling bookcases? Donate each one to a deserving new business owner or run a contest via social media to pick a winner.

Simply changing your perspective about letting go of possessions and looking at it from the viewpoint of helping others will make you feel better about doing it. And I bet you’ll even start looking for more things to donate. Now you’re not only helping yourself but others too and that’s a huge win-win situation!

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