7 Places To Go For Your Homeschooling Needs

Written By: The Green Crunchy Mother

red apple fruit on four pyle books

Did you know that homeschooling is slowly becoming a trend and many parents are having fun with the interaction they are having with their child? However, some parents are still having second thoughts regarding homeschooling. After speaking with several parents, their main concern was that they might be having some difficulties finding resources to use for homeschooling.

This article will help you find resources from different places. Let’s have a look!

  • Book Store: The first stop is a ride to your closest bookstores. Armed with a list of possible books to purchase from a curriculum of a school, you can buy the books at any convenient bookstore. This will save you a lot of time and give you flexibility with regards to your child’s studies as bookstores have more choices and references for your child to use.
blue Book Store neon signage

Magazine Store: An alternative option would be a trip to your closest magazine store. I have found many ideas for lessons using old magazines. You just need to get creative.

magazines on rack

Internet: Of course, with all the technology available on the internet, you can find many websites offering assistance with your child’s studies. Most of them can be easily found with a google search.

person using silver laptop computer on desk

Public Library: The simplest place to look for resources is by going to a public library. Public libraries have books and references for your child to take home and use. To help with that, libraries have different instructional materials such as videos (like those from National Geographic) and CD’s.

Libraries also offer a lot of computer software which will not only help with your child’s learning but will also assist with understanding different computer technologies and how they work. Often computer software is easy and fun to use, therefore attracting a lot of young people to use it.

Some libraries also give book discussions. Book discussions not only train your child to read but also to think and criticize every thing that he/she reads. This will not only develop reading comprehension, it will also help your child with critical thinking.

books on shelves

Homeschooling Parents: Another place to look at is at the house of another parent who decided to homeschool their children. You might find it interesting that they are willing to share both their experiences and their used materials (books, references and other activity materials). From personal experience, I find speaking with other parents very useful.

man, woman, and child walking together along dirt road

Museum: The most neglected places and probably one of the most informational, next to a library, is the museum. A trip to a museum will not only help your child appreciate art and history, but your child will also learn a lot from observing and listening to the history of all the museum displays. I have taught many successful lessons at our local museum.

boy standing inside closed room

The Home: The last place, but definitely not the least, is inside your home. Search your cupboard and teach your child some simple baking lessons. This will not only help your relationship with your child, but it will also promote your child to learn patience and will teach your child how to bake.

You could also do outdoor activities such as planting seeds. This can help spark an interest in plant life. This activity has the potential to be both fun and instructional.

white house under maple trees

Please share your experience with learning tools and materials for your homeschooled child.

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