Adult ADHD – Signs and Symptoms

Written By: The Green Crunchy Mother

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Disclaimer: This article is not to be used as a replacement for medical advice. Always consult with a doctor if you believe you are suffering from the following conditions. The Green Crunchy Mother shares her life experiences only and what is working with her own children.

Adults, not being under the supervision of their parents and caregivers anymore, may suffer from ADHD and not even know it. Those around them may simply label them as anxious, stubborn, temperamental, or workaholics. ADHD is just as real a disorder in adults as in children, and warrants professional help or medical assistance.

Here are some signs and symptoms of adult ADHD.

The workaholic:

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Adults with ADHD may suffer from a type of ADHD called “hyperfocus.” They may get so involved with a project or subject that it becomes an obsession. ADHD adults are the ones you can’t pull away from their work no matter what. Experts say that this kind of “workaholism” and hyperfocus may be a form of coping mechanisms. The intense focus blocks out distractions, which can plague adults with ADHD.


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Many people have disorganized “moments” now and then, and some are better organizers than others. Adults with ADHD often cannot get organized even if they want to. They sometimes find it impossible and get very frustrated at their lack of organizational ability.

ADHD adults may arrive to events late, because they cannot organize their time. They also have trouble prioritizing tasks, and may spend large amounts of time on a task that may not be as urgent or important as the one they are neglecting.


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Children with ADHD may lash out with temper tantrums. Adults may have temper tantrums, too, but we call them by different terms – “angry outbursts,” for example. If anger takes hold of you and you can’t control your reactions to it, it may be adult ADHD.

Inability to concentrate

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It’s often difficult for adults with ADHD to concentrate – they also suffer from “brain fog” like children with ADHD do. It’s hard for an adult with ADHD to see a task through from start to finish, especially if that adult does not find the task interesting or fulfilling. Adults with ADHD may find their mind wandering, despite their efforts to keep it on one subject.


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Adults with ADHD may also be labeled “worry warts.” They might also suffer from panic attacks that are often a component of anxiety.


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The active ADHD mind can get bored easily – this is true for children and adults. Adults with ADHD can find mundane things hard to stick with since they can get bored with them so quickly.


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Adults may seek treatment for depression, but they may not realize it could be a component of ADHD. This mood disorder does, in fact, sometimes accompany ADHD in adults.

Do you have signs and symptoms of adult ADHD?

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