5 Advantages Of Homeschooling

Homeschooling has been an excellent option for my children because they face several challenges such as autism, ADHD, and other sensory issues. Homeschooling has allowed me to accommodate and structure their education in a way that brings on their success.

What makes homeschooling better than traditional schooling? Lately, there has been a rising trend in families choosing to homeschool their children rather than send them to a traditional educational institution.

I have listed several benefits of homeschooling.

1. Flexible Schedule

Homeschooling enables a flexible schedule. For example, my boys do not need to wake up at 7am every morning. With homeschooling, they can start at 9am or later. You can schedule your child’s homeschooling education as you see fit with materials or subjects that may be not available in a traditional school.

You can tailor your homeschool curriculum to suit the needs and interest of your child.

2. Individual attention

In a traditional school setting, thirty to forty students are assigned to a teacher in class. Unfortunately, the teacher cannot devote 100 percent attention to any child since it will not be fair to the other children. Plus, it would be impossible to provide individual attention to all students.

With homeschooling, your child receives all the individual attention he or she needs and deserves. For example, if your child is weak in mathematics, you could devote more time and energy into teaching this subject.

Your child’s homeschooling schedule can be adjusted to cater to their specific needs. For example, if your child is better at science than at mathematics, simply devote more homeschooling hours to mathematics and cut back on science. With homeschooling, the choice is yours. Traditional schools can’t accommodate to this.

3. Family Activity

The schooling of your child can become an everyday family activity. Examples are field trips and experiments. Plus, your child will also receive more quality time with you. There is more time for family bonding, and your child is also free of any negative peer pressure or influences that can be found in school settings.

4. No Peer Pressure

With homeschooling, your child does not need to prove his or her abilities to other children. Parents are better equipped to understand their child and therefore are able to plan the learning program according to his of her strengths and weaknesses.

Parents can also change the curriculum to suit the learning style of their child. For example, some children learn better from reading while others need to write.

5. Religion Learning

Religious learning is a sensitive issue and most traditional schools have shunned it. However, with homeschooling, parents can take control over the moral and religious teachings of their child. Parents can implement their own values and beliefs into their child rather than let the school dictate what moral and religious education their child will be receiving.

Do you homeschool your children?

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