Natural Carpet Cleaning Tips

teal 2-seat couch and red area rug

You’re constantly on it with and without shoes. Your kids and young family members sit on it, roll around on it and play on it. Your pets sleep on it, they chase toys on it and beg for treats on it. You might be aware of all the activities that your carpet does handle. But you might be surprised at what hides in your carpet where you can’t see what’s going on.

You can see surface stains (and you get those up right away), but there are things in your carpet and living on the padding beneath it that you probably don’t want to know about – but you do know that you want your carpet to be clean.

To test how clean and safe your carpet is, vacuum it once with a regular vacuum cleaner and look at the amount of debris that gets vacuumed up. Then go over it again with a vacuum cleaner designed with eco friendly living in mind and see how much more debris is pulled up. That’s the stuff that you can’t see.

Now go over the floor again with an organic or natural cleaner and see how dirty the water looks. That’s because no matter how many times you vacuum your carpet, no matter how powerful the vacuum, in order to stay truly clean, a carpet has to be cleaned with organic or natural options in mind.

Using commercial cleaners to clean your carpet isn’t safe for you so you’re going to want to use natural methods. First, make sure you have a regularly scheduled vacuuming routine.

Always clean up any spills the moment they happen. You can use salt to absorb a spill, which is a natural way to keep a spill from becoming a stain. Use a damp (not wet) cloth to lighten stains like a wine spill, and then treat it with an organic or natural stain remover.

Don’t use commercial cleaners to steam clean your carpet because the chemicals used are bad for the carpet and bad for your home. Plus, by using steam cleaners, you run the risk of leaving the carpet padding wet.

Pets, especially cats, tend to leave a home and carpet smelling like you have pets – so use baking soda on the carpet to absorb any odors. You can also buy an organic or natural formula just for pet stains and odors that are safer for pets than using baking soda.

Choose a system to clean your carpets by getting a machine that has a low moisture option. By having a machine with a low moisture control, you won’t over soak the padding beneath the carpet and cause mold or mildew.

Use organic or natural carpet cleaners that specifically state they’re for high traffic areas if that’s the carpet area you need cleaned, and make sure it states that it’s safe around pets. Some people prefer to save the expense of a carpet cleaning machine and use elbow grease instead!

Homemade carpet cleaning recipes can be as simple as a vinegar and water solution. I am personally a huge fan of vinegar and I use it for most of my cleaning needs. You can find water and vinegar spray bottles in every room in my home. I generally fill up my spray bottles with 50 percent water, and 50 percent vinegar. Find a combination that works best for you. I have had some readers tell me that they find the vinegar odor too strong.

How do you clean your carpets?

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