Ridding Countertops of Bacteria and Grime With Organic Measures

white wooden kitchen cabinet near white wooden door

Did you know that your countertops handle a lot of different actions? In the kitchen, your countertops hold appliances, they’re used to holding cutting boards for food preparation, they hold dishware in preparation for serving food and in many cases, and it’s where we put the groceries we bring in from the car until we put the food away.

Bacteria from the food preparation lands on your countertops. Food from meals ends up on your countertops and dirt from the groceries also aims for the countertop. Kids put all kinds of things on them – from a flower plucked out of the yard to rocks to sticky, dirty hands – and your countertops begin to collect dirt and start to look grimy.

Bacteria and grime in the kitchen is the number one cause of the spread of germs that can make your family sick. You want to keep your countertops free from anything that can harm your family – and that includes cleaning supplies.

When you wipe with a cleaning solution or a cleaning wipe that’s soaked in solution, whatever chemicals are in that product are now on your countertops mixing with your food and are also getting onto your kids’ hands and maybe in their mouths!

You want to use an organic or natural countertop cleaning solution. You can easily find these products in a variety of sizes and natural ingredients designed to clean your countertops, deodorize them and give your kitchen a pleasant scent, too. You will be able to find these products at your local health food store.

You also want a cleaner that’s gentle on your surfaces. You can have that with an all purpose countertop spray that come in a variety of scents. You can get basil, lavender and more. The vegetable protein in the cleaners help keep kitchen odors down, too.

Of course, you don’t want to have to buy one cleaner for your kitchen countertops and a separate kind for your bathroom counters – you want one that can do both jobs. An organic or all natural purpose cleaner is intended for both bathroom and kitchen counters.

Sometimes there are quick spills that you want to get up or you might have dropped a piece of uncooked meat onto the counter and you quickly want to clean and disinfect that area without bringing out the spray. You’ll want something handy nearby. For that purpose, you can use disinfecting wipes that are organic and natural.

When a countertop gets a scuff mark from a can or other kitchen gadget, you can clean this by using an organic cleaner that has cornstarch in the ingredients. These types of cleaners can also take ink stains off counters, so if you were writing out a grocery list and accidentally marked on the counter, an organic cleaner with coconut oil plus cornstarch can take that right out.

What are your best cleaning tips?

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