Holistic Living for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

Natural living encompasses so much for your overall health and wellness. Some people think about natural living as the way they eat, others consider it about the cleaning products they use. But in reality, it is going to help your mind, body, and spirit all at once.

Defining Holistic Living for You

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of holistic or natural living? It is really important to make this distinction first, because it means something different for everyone. It might depend on your current lifestyle and where you are now. Think about what you want to improve in your life to make it more natural. For some people, they think of holistic living as eating clean foods and using less technology, while other people are focused more on preventative care with things like natural herbs, essential oils, and other forms of alternative medicine.

Holistic Body

white and brown ceramic teapot on wooden tray

For a more holistic body, it often starts with what you put on and in your body. For natural foods and products, you are looking for less chemicals and additives, and more natural ingredients. Your body wants more natural products that come from the earth, so think about what is made organically that you can use on or in your body.

Consumption is a big part of holistic living, which includes organic produce, farm fresh eggs, local meat and poultry, and anything organically grown. You can add in exercise as a way to move your body and keep a healthy body, while using natural products on your hair and skin.

Holistic Mind

woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooring

There are also some choices that help you develop a more holistic mind and mental health, such as writing in a journal, meditating, or practicing mindfulness. You can also start using essential oils to relax, or gradually begin working on a yoga routine that helps you feel centered and balanced.

An easy way to figure out what your mind needs right now is to think about ways in which you are stressed, anxious, or struggling with your feelings or emotions. This can help you figure out which direction to go.

Holistic Spirit

sitting buddha beside pillar candles

Your spirit connection is going to be similar to the activities you use for your mind. It can include self-care and participating in activities that help you re-energize and feel more balance in your health and life. Many people turn to things like yoga or Pilates, meditation, a spirit practice, or grounding for their spirit and soul.

How are you living a more holistically? Do you have any tips to share for my readers?

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