How to Live More Sustainably

brown wooden fork, spoon, and knife on textile

Did you know that being more sustainable might mean different things to different people? To simplify, it is about using the fewest amount of resources as possible in order to help protect the earth and climate. It is also about reducing your carbon footprint by limiting the resources you use, which can be done in many different ways.

Let’s have a look how we can be more sustainable.

Stop Buying Unnecessary Things

black Larq insulated bottle on wood slice table

A super easy way to dip your feet in sustainable living is not to buy products that are unnecessary to your life, and are wasteful. This might include plastic water bottles. I never leave home without my reusable water bottle. If you are buying paper plates and using them at home, is that really necessary? You can use your glass plates and wash them when you are done. Any foam paper products are terrible for the environment, so switch to something that can be reused or at the very least, recycled.

Eat Naturally and Locally

green fruit

Another great way to live more sustainably is to buy local and natural foods. This is easy to do with local farmer’s markets. Many locations also offer delivery or pickup of produce, meat, eggs, and honey from multiple farms in your area, so that is another great resource to look into. When you eat naturally and locally, you are helping your local farming community, getting fresh ingredients, and saving your environment with less transportation of goods. It also tends to use less materials for transport.

Start a Capsule Wardrobe

hanged top on brown and white clothes horse

What is a capsule wardrobe? A capsule wardrobe is when you minimize your wardrobe to a select group of pieces. It doesn’t mean only having a minimal number of outfits, but really important pieces that you absolutely love, and that will go with multiple styles that you enjoy wearing. This means you no longer buy fast fashion, or buying new clothes just because they are a trend of the moment.

Put more thought into the clothes you buy, and make sure each piece of clothing in your closet brings you joy. You can start by removing items you never wear or no longer enjoy, and donate them to people who might be in need of these clothing pieces.

Know What You Can Reuse or Recycle

three assorted-color garbage cans

It helps to know what you can recycle, and what can be reused in order to live more sustainably. For example, when you empty a glass jar from mayonnaise or pickles, rinse it out and put it in your glass recycling, or you can even reuse it as a food storage container.

Are you living in a more sustainable way?

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