Mindfulness 101

mindfulness printed paper near window

Mindfulness is something that may sound very mystic and out there for many people. You may think it is all about meditation and how to find out more about yourself. What you may be thinking is that you don’t have the time or that the process just won’t do anything for you in your life. There are actually several things you should know about mindfulness before you toss it out the door as something that won’t work for you or isn’t for you.

Here are a few of those key points.

Mindfulness Helps Focus

woman sitting on sand

One of the key points to mindfulness is how it helps with focus. By working through the stages of mindfulness and learning different techniques, such as breathing, you will start to learn to focus on certain stages and aspects of your life. For example, instead of focusing on all of your tasks for the day, the week, your friends tasks, and everything else going on, you can focus on the task at hand and be present in that task. This allows you to get the task done quickly and easily.

Mindfulness Helps Stress

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Stress can be brought on by a number of issues. One of the main issues is having too much on our task list and not enough time to focus on each item to completion. Other stressful aspects can be the outside influences of others, including gossip and friends issues and problems. Mindfulness helps you by showing you ways and methods to avoid immediate reaction and instead focus on issues and decide what you need to take on and what you do not. For example, you can still be there for your fitness without allowing your friends issues to become your issues and cause more stress.

Mindfulness is a Routine

woman stretching on tock

In addition to viewing mindfulness as a way to handle events and aspects of your daily life in order to be happier and less burdened, you should also remember that mindfulness is not a one time event. Mindfulness is not a quick fix and it is not a Bandaid for your issues. Mindfulness is a routine that you incorporate into your life. By doing mindfulness techniques each day, you will find mindfulness becoming a part of you instead of something you just do.

This is just a very quick overview of mindfulness and what it can mean in your life. Consider these points, along with some research on the benefits of mindfulness and how you can put it in your daily routine and life.

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