Sleep Better With These Mindfulness Tips

woman sleeping on bed under blankets

Do you stare at the ceiling every night, or count sheep and still can’t fall asleep? I know I have experienced this so many times that I have stopped counting. To be the best possible mother to my active kids, sleep is very important.

Did you know that having an ongoing issue with insomnia may be due to having too much running through your mind during and at the end of the day? I know this is a familiar scenario for me, always wondering if I missed something on my “to do” list.

You may find that when you lay down you are focused on all the things you did that day, need to do the next day, or ways to solve issues that you have been having. Unfortunately, you need to be able to lay down and fall asleep peacefully in order to tackle all those things the next day. If this sounds like an issue you are having, consider how mindfulness can help you sleep better.

Meditate Before Bed

woman closing her eyes on white flower

When most people meditate, as part of a mindfulness routine, they tend to do it in the morning. Though this works for some people, the trick is that other people may not have a lot going on first thing in the morning. As your day progresses, you start taking on more and more issues and that is when you begin to get bogged down. By meditating before bed, you can focus on those issues and work through them. This allows you to sort things out, come up with a plan, and then go to sleep without the worry and confusion running through your head keeping you awake.

Breathing Exercises

woman meditating on wooden dock during daytime

Part of a mindfulness routine is controlled breathing or breathing exercises. These exercises will help you throughout your day when stress arises. The good news is they can also help you at night to relax and fall asleep easily. As you begin controlling your breathing, you will also be controlling your heart rate. Your breathing slows, and so does the heart rate, which in turn helps your body to relax and sleep. If you aren’t already trying your breathing exercises as you lay down, begin doing them. You will see a progressive move towards easier and better sleep.

Mindfulness Only

woman in white vest and black bikini with hand on chest

One thing that may be hindering your sleep is that you are not alone with your mind at bedtime. What this means is that you may have too much going on, like reading on your phone or having the television or radio on. Instead, be alone with your mind and turn off all the technology. This works by allowing you to focus on meditation and breathing exercises.

You may be inclined to say that you have a meditation app, but honestly, that is just another distraction and you may not always have the app when it is time to sleep. Instead, learn to be alone with your mind and focus on your sleep rather than focusing on technology.

You may have to work on this for a few days to get it to start showing an effect in your life, but once mindfulness takes hold you will start to notice a significant difference. You will also start to notice that you are sleeping better and having more restful and easy sleep as well.

Are you practicing mindfulness at bed time?

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