A Practical Guide for Successful Parenting in a Changing World

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Have you ever observed how dynamic the world of child-rearing can be? As times change, your approach to raising your children will most likely change too. I am constantly reading and researching literature concerning this topic. With my experience as a parent, as times change, we also need to “tweak” and adjust our parenting in order to keep up with changing times.

As an autism mum, I consider myself a ninja when it comes to researching parenting material. I am always trying to stay up to date with current autism related research and how I can parent my boys the best way possible. Whether you are parenting neurotypical children or children with unique needs, one can always benefit from the latest parenting literature research.

As science keeps coming up with new inventions, kids seem to develop intelligence earlier and earlier. Have you ever observed how your kids can manipulate an I Pad and download games? Honestly, this blows me away and I often find myself asking my kids for technical advice with my own electronics. As a parent, it’s your job to ensure you can keep up with everything that is happening with your children. And this includes electronic devices.

I have considered these important points for successful parenting in today’s world:

Keep Up With Technology

silver iMac near iPhone on brown wooden table

At the rate at which technology evolves, it’s important that you keep up with it. Remember that your kids now rely on technology for virtually everything. With my experience as a parent, knowing what they are doing with technology can help you relate better to your kids.

While apart from your children, it is also a good idea to split your your communication time between the phone and the internet. You can also also try getting involved with social media, email, and other means of electronic communication. It might even make you seem “cool” and “hip”to your
children and helps you to keep up-to-date on their activities. I often communicate with my kids using Instagram or Facebook.

When shopping for gifts, think technology. Even things like reading can be
achieved through technology. As far as some kids are concerned, e-readers are cooler than paperbacks. Embrace their idea of coolness while encouraging the age-old practice of reading. Learning new technology with your kids can opens their eyes to new interests.

Respect Tradition

woman sitting in front of black table writing on white book near window

Even though there are new ways of doing things, it’s important to stay true to tradition. Avoid forcing your children to do things the same way you used to do them, but at least expose them to how things were before. For example, everyday I have my boys write in their Journals to practice hand writing and express their ideas using their own words.

Explain to your kids how you used to communicate. Teach them
letter-writing skills, for example. Show them that they can still achieve
basic tasks even in the absence of technology.

You can also get them involved with “old school” games. Take them outdoors and play hide-and-seek. Get out the board games at family parties. Sensitize them to the simple fun they can have outside of video games. If there’s a power outage, you want to avoid having your kids see it as a catastrophe!

Encourage and Embrace Their Opinions

mother kissing her daughter

Living in the information age means kids are exposed to just about everything. As such, it’s important to embrace those heart-to-heart conversations with them. Considering that there is so much information on line, it is important to keep the lines of communication open with your children.

For example, listen to their point of view first and then give yours. Discuss the pros and cons of an issue and then allow them to decide the best approach. Give your child freedom to make decisions after getting your advice. In my opinion, allowing your kids the space to make choices may ultimately result in them taking your recommendation in the end.

Promote Physical and Mental Resilience

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In this fast-paced world, you’ll need to come to terms with how easily your kids can be influenced. Access to information exposes them to things you never knew as a child. Allow them to learn, but encourage them to be resilient just in case they aren’t able to achieve the desired outcome.

As life in this world changes, the rules of parenting evolve as well. You’ll want to keep up with the ever-changing world we live in! Keep yourself in the loop so you can relate well to your kids as they’re growing up.

How are you adapting with parenting in a changing world?

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