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Now a days, I think most of us are looking for ways to save money on groceries and find the best deals possible. The Covid-19 has caused many of us to tighten up our finances and cut corners wherever we can.

With the creation of new grocery apps, you can avoid wasting money on
over-priced food when you’re grocery shopping. An app that all smartphone users should have is called, “Coupon

What is the coupon Sherpa? The Coupon Sherpa app is free and has coupons for 31 grocery chains. All you do is tap on the store near you, say, Walmart. A list of food coupons good at Walmart will instantly pop up on screen with a small check box to the left of each item. If you want to save that coupon for your next shopping trip, simply tap on the box to place a
check mark there. Yes, it’s that easy to use this app.

When you get to the store, tap, “Saved Coupons” and all your saved coupons will come up with UPC codes that can simply be scanned from your smartphone at the store’s checkout. You seriously cannot beat Coupon Sherpa for convenience when it comes to savings at the grocery store.

If you find your local chains aren’t yet available on Coupon Sherpa, contact the makers of the app through your mobile app store to tell them the grocery stores you’d like to see on the app. The makers of the Coupon Sherpa app do add new stores frequently.

Another app that works similarly is called the Grocery IQ app. Although it doesn’t list specific stores, Grocery IQ offers a variety of money-saving coupons on food items that can be scanned right off your smartphone at the grocery store.

Grocery IQ includes other applications, such as keeping your store lists and the ability to text and email coupons to others.

A third free app is the Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List app. It will not only help you prepare your grocery lists, but it also provides over 30,000 recipes. But how will it save you money? You can filter your recipe search by including ingredients you have on hand and want to use up.

Therefore, the amount of food you throw away each week will significantly reduce. Think about it: if that cauliflower isn’t going to last long, you can just type it into the Epicurious app with a few other ingredients you have on hand and voila! A recipe that uses those ingredients appears. No more wasting fresh ingredients by pitching them in the garbage!

When you utilize these simple, free apps you’ll save money every week on groceries, plus have instant ideas on how to use up fresh produce before it rots.

What apps are you using on your cellular phone to save money?

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