First things first, a little bit about who I am!

I’m Michele Bayno, a passionate Life Coach. I am also known as the The Green Crunchy Mother. I am a busy homeschooling mom with three boys aged 16, 13, and almost 9.

I am passionate about healthy living and advocating for the special needs community. I blog about healthy living and how autism and ADHD has touched our lives.

I was born in Montreal, Quebec and moved at an early age to Kingston, Ontario, where I spent most of my childhood. I moved back to Montreal for several years and I am back in Ontario, here to stay!

After receiving my undergraduate degree in social work from McGill University in the year 2000, I worked as a social worker for over a decade in the public healthcare field. I am now retired from the social work profession.

My passion for the organic living began at a very young age, for as long as I can remember. My dedication towards healthy and organic living was strengthened when my own children were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and ADHD. This opened up the door to a whole new way of way of life. I have explored gluten free and dairy free diets and so much more. Every day is a new opportunity to explore healthier ways of living.

When I have free time, you can find me running, walking, reading, cooking gluten free/dairy free meals, and making homemade recipes such as my homemade deodorant!

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Have questions? Email me at: michelebayno@ymail.com Or text me at: 514-290-4235

Other Services Provided:

-Product Reviews
-Branded Content
-Event Attendance & Promotion (Must Be a Good Fit For My Brand)
-Advertising & Affiliates
-Social Media Posts

I am a very strong voice for the autism and ADHD community.

I believe in honesty and Full Disclosure.

I love writing sponsored posts for products and companies that I use and love. Every sponsored post includes a full disclosure at the top of the page identifying it as such.

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