PR Friendly

The Green Crunchy Mother is PR Friendly!

Did you know that The Green Crunchy Mother  is a PR friendly blog?   I love sharing product reviews and giveaways with my readers — especially family, green-living, and autism friendly products.

Advertising and sponsored post opportunities are also available.  If you have a product that you believe my readers would be interested in,  I would love to hear about it!

Why should you choose The Green Crunchy Mother?

Why chose The Green Crunchy Mother to promote your brand?  I guarantee that  you will be getting high quality work.  I put a lot of my time and effort into each review.  In the review I will link back to your site/ product  and provide information on how to purchase the product.  I will also post pictures of the product being used by my family.

My blog posts are also posted on several social networking sites and blogging communities, including:   Twitter, Instagram,Facebook, and Pinterest.

Review Policies:

  • I  disclose and follow FTC policies.
  • A full-sized product is required to test and review so I can give an honest review of the product; it will not be returned.
  • Please allow 4 weeks for the product review to be posted.  If you have a specific date in mind, please let me know ahead of time so I can accommodate your request.
  • The Green Crunchy Mother is NOT responsible for shipping charges.  Any packages received C.O.D. will be returned.
  • Negative reviews will not be posted, but honest opinions about features we may not like will be included in the review.  If, for some reason, an honest positive review can not be written, you will be contacted.
  • The Green Crunchy Mother reserves the right not to post a review if the above terms have not been met.

Giveaway Policies:

  • Giveaways are a great opportunity for a product/company to gain more attention than a review by itself.  All giveaways will be actively promoted through social networking sites.
  • Most giveaways will run for 2-4  weeks unless you specify otherwise.
  • You must ship the giveaway prize directly to the winner; The Green Crunchy Mother is not responsible for shipping prizes.

Please contact me at: for more information. I look forward to working with you and sharing your brand.